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VH&F has many years of experience developing, presenting and implementing Health and Wellness Programs within organizations. If your organization, office, business and/or team is looking to implement Health and Wellness programs into the workplace, please contact Ryan for more information.


Victory Health & Fitness offers weekly visits to the workplace/business/office for team Health and Wellness classes. The hour session includes a mini workout, thorough stretching exercises and Q & A/ information/education discussions to help anyone/everyone at the work place become more health focused, active and feeling great! VH&F is capable and has extensive experience working with any number of people simultaneously including large groups.


Add energy to your conference! High energy stretch breaks between speakers to help improve physical vitality and mental focus throughout the day. Available to any conference size, available across Canada and USA.

A few of our focus programs:

  • How posture can make or break your day.
  • How we move: The best ways to prevent wear and tear on the body and how to prevent body pain.
  • The importance and benefits of resistance training and how it can help in the office.
  • Why core strength is extremely important.
  • Energy boosting nutrition tactics.
  • Correct breathing: How proper breathing techniques can help to battle anxiety, improve focus, increase energy levels as well as overall productivity and happiness.

​Victory Health & Fitness has worked with such businesses as HRPA Head Office, North Bridge Insurance, Women’s College Hospital, Sears Head Office, etc.

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