Hi, my name is Rosi! started training with Ryan after a leg injury when I broke my tibia and tore my ACL.  In combination with this injury, I also had some extra weight that I wanted to shed to return to a healthy weight range.

Working with Ryan over the past two years has not only seen me achieve my injury rehab goals but so much more!  I have learned the proper way to strength train ( strengthened the entire body), as well as how to exercise and what to pay attention when learning new exercise form. After being put through Ryan’s circuit training programs and nutrition guide line application,  I was also able to achieve my weight loss goals and dropped to a healthy weight index!  Went from 32% to 22% body fat composition. Most importantly, with Ryans help, this year will be able to achieve a long-term goal of completing a triathlon!

Ryan is always super encouraging, but knows when to help you push yourself to achieve your goals.  He is always on standby to answer training questions and ready with the perfect program tailored to help you reach your goals. Training sessions are always exciting as Ryan comes up with new exercises constantly to keep things interesting.
Thank you Ryan!

Rosi B

We are so thankful to Ryan for helping us look and feel our best for our wedding. We had started working out with Ryan in preparation for our fast approaching wedding – both of us wanted to be in fantastic shape for the special day and didn’t have too much time to work with.  Ryan was the perfect guy for the job – although the two of us had different levels of fitness, somehow Ryan was able to tailor the individual workouts and get maximum results out of both of us. In a short amount of time, he got us to where we needed to be, by helping us create a more balanced/healthier lifestyle along with customized workouts that accommodated our schedules. We felt so good on our wedding day!
Ryan’s method is effective because he’s professional, diligent, and always willing to answer questions. Not only did he get us in tip-top shape for our wedding, he continued to help me stay active and strong throughout my pregnancy and post-partum recovery.
Ryan always ensures the workouts interesting and changing so we stay engaged. He is also extremely fun and the sessions with him are never dull, that’s for sure!
We wouldn’t hesitate to refer him and in fact, we have already recommended him to many friends

I was very frustrated with my health. I felt generally uncomfortable and unhappy. Climbing a flight of stairs was tiring, it was not fun! I wanted to become healthier.

My colleague at work couldn’t stop talking about her awesome trainer. One day, I asked her for his number. One year later, I am 42bs lighter and smiling a lot more!

I have been working out with Ryan for one year. I have lost 42 lbs, I feel way stronger performing daily tasks including taking the stairs at the office 😊 Overall, I am way more energetic! I now show up at work ready to give it 150%. What topped off this year, is seeing my blood work results last week, for the first time in 10 years, my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are well within the normal range! I became much healthier and way happier!

What shocked me is that health and fitness turned out to be a pretty straightforward science. I was concerned about the world of fitness being so complicated for a newcomer, however, Ryan made every step of the way much simpler through always being there when I needed him. It’s more than training, it is an overall health and fitness education program.

I was actually talking about this last week with two of my friends who are also Ryan’s clients. Ryan is very different from the 5 trainers that I worked with before. I think what sets him apart are his flexibility, personality, and commitment.
First, Ryan is flexible, he will adapt to your timing, works early to late so he can accommodate your work schedule, he will adapt to your body type, seen hundreds of body types and can adjust to each one, and he will adapt his style to your personality. He is also quite flexible on location, I train with Ryan in my building’s gym, which is very convenient for me, whereas one of my friends does it outdoors.
Second, his personality is very friendly and humble. Ryan wants to empower you to succeed and he will discuss with you what is the best way for him to motivate you to reach your goal. He appreciates that coaching goes beyond choosing exercises and designing workout programs, and it is actually about creating a motivational environment for someone to help them reach their goals.
Third, Ryan is committed to his clients, he will go above and beyond to help you reach that goal. In my case for instance, I asked him to check in with me on the days where I don’t see him to remind me to get to the gym. Sure enough, Ryan came through, he constantly texted me to support me and motivate me to get my workouts in. He motivates my friends totally differently; it really depends on what you want from him and the discussion you have together to best help you.

I would definitely recommend Victory H&F to anyone who is serious about their health! Ryan will not only help you understand WHAT to do, but he will help you understand WHY you should do it.

Ramzi S

I started personal training because I needed motivation to work out on a regular basis. Besides losing weight and inches, I wanted to know exactly how to work out – different exercises, using machines and how to split up my workouts. Ryan is the perfect personal trainer – he is extremely motivating and pushes you without being aggressive or domineering. Having him check in on me during the week, answering my questions about certain exercises and encouraging me throughout made working out enjoyable. Not only have I gone down a few clothing sizes, gotten stronger and more fit, I know how to work out. I am no longer intimidated at the gym, and enjoy being in there 4-5x a week. It was through his coaching that I am now training to run my first 10k, and I wasn’t able to run for more than 5 minutes when I started with him.  What I appreciate about Ryan is that he isn’t focussed on the numbers on the scale. He takes a whole approach to your physical and mental well-being and his strategy produces sustainable, long-lasting results. Ryan has instilled in me a love for exercise that I know will last a lifetime.
Priyanka J

“I met Ryan over seven years ago when I joined the gym he was working at after my gym closed.  He completed my fitness assessment.  A few months later when I wanted to kick my workouts up a notch I booked regular training sessions with him as I really liked the type of workout he previously built for me.  At that time I was looking to lose body fat and inches, as I had lost a lot of weight before I began training with him.  When Ryan left to begin his own business I followed.  We had built a great relationship and I didn’t want to lose that.

 Ryan is extremely knowledgeable and I know I can go to him with any questions I might have. He always checks in at the beginning of the workout to see if there are any aches or pains and modify my workout accordingly. Unfortunately I allowed myself to regain a lot of the weight I had previously lost. Over the last couple of years while I took the weight off…again, Ryan was one of my biggest cheerleaders.  He pushes me, without being harsh.  He knows me well and can tell when I can do a few more reps or go a little bit further.  In the last year alone Ryan has been an integral part of my weight loss plan and has helped me lose almost 60 pounds and 100 in total over the last four.  I have almost reached my weight loss goal and we will now continue with a maintenance program.

 Every workout ends with a high five but Ryan’s support extends past the gym.  Outside of our training sessions Ryan will send a text of encouragement, a healthy recipe, and suggestions for additional activity or inquiries about what else I will do during the week to “just keep moving”.  In the years I have been seeing Ryan we have developed a great relationship.  I always felt that workouts were just a necessary evil to lose weight or keep it off.  Ryan’s changed my view on that. In our sessions he means business and makes sure I sweat and push myself but we also laugh often as well.  It’s a great balance and that’s what keeps me coming back.”

~ Shelby Robyn

“We first booked Ryan Denney of Victory Health and Fitness for Fitness Fridays at HRPA (Human Resources Professionals Association), which was a great success. Ryan is very knowledgeable and he took time to understand our goals and objectives. He constantly encouraged and motivated us and incorporated training that focused on flexibility, strength, endurance and posture, along with promoting a healthy eating lifestyle.

Seeing the positive impact that Ryan had on the group and his helpful, encouraging style of training, HRPA engaged Ryan to conduct a workshop outdoors at High Park, in the west end of Toronto for our PD In-the-Park event. HRPA members experienced and enjoyed the outdoor learning experience with Ryan and we realized that booking him for other events would be a good idea.

Ryan was invited to conduct a workshop as part of a 2-day training for HR Certificate for Accounting Professionals. We wanted a Facilitator who would energize the participants and interrupt them from the classroom style passive event. Ryan spoke on the topic of Health and Wellness in the Workplace and provided the attendees with practical advice that they could take back to their organizations. He demonstrated fun, easy work out postures that they could do at their desk and healthy eating options. The feedback we received for Ryan’s session was very positive so he has been booked again for the next session coming up.

Ryan is very pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!”

Lata Viseu
Director, Professional Development

“I started training as I wasn’t happy with my appearance, my energy levels or my strength.

My goals were to have better stamina, increase strength and have a better overall quality of life.  I went from an out of shape 200lbs person with little muscle and no stamina to a 145lbs man who doubled his strength, shed inches off my waist and could run like the dickens, lol.

Training has made me feel better about myself, have more self confidence in my appearance, not tired as much and learning proper nutrition.

I am very grateful for all the help Ryan has put forth to help me lose the weight and to attain my goals.

Thank you Ryan!”

-Kyle K.

“I began personal training because I wanted to lose weight, feel better about myself and gain a fitness level that complimented my horseback riding.

My goals were to improve my overall fitness and self confidence. I lost 25 pounds, and counting, a full size, and gained endurance and strength…I feel amazing

Ryan is very dedicated to the mission that is my overall health and weight loss. He gave me lots of help regarding my nutrition and how it helps my training program. And the results are showing more and more everyday. I couldn’t be happier. I have way more self confidence and feel better physically.

Ryan is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He really cares about me as a person and has been there every step of the way while I get fit and lose weight. The sessions are fun, challenging and tailored to what I need. Thanks Ryan!”

Denise Tadla

My name is Sarah and I’ve been working with Ryan Denney of Victory Health and Fitness for the past 6 months.

On and off for the past 10 years I have invested large amounts of time, effort and energy struggling to lose weight.  I’ve worked with trainers, nutritionists, doctors, was treated by crash diet ‘clinics’ and joined fitness groups – all without sustainable positive results.

 I’ve been overweight for most of my adult life so having exhausted all of the resources I could think of to try to change, I felt defeated.  Setting myself up on a daily basis “to do better” only to fail was nothing shy of devastating. It was a huge burden and caused me a great deal of anguish.

Six months ago, I went into a gym to start the (seemingly pointless) battle all over again. At roughly the same time I came across Ryan on social media. Having known Ryan since kindergarten (we attended grade school together but haven’t had contact in more than 10 years) I was apprehensive to contact him; I’ve worked with trainers in the past unsuccessfully, and I was embarrassed, I didn’t want to acknowledge this weight loss I needed to accomplish.
… I emailed Ryan anyway and couldn’t be more thankful that I did. He’s an incredible person, his positivity and focus puts you instantly at ease.  He isn’t judgmental and understands how weight loss can seem insurmountable to those that are struggling.

Ryan will design an exercise routine specifically for you; it’ll be ever changing to keep things progressive, challenging and interesting while being mindful of issues that may set limitations (injuries, etc.).  He will guide you towards making appropriate diet choices, advise types of food to look for, types to avoid, how much to eat and he’ll even send some recipes while you’re learning how to cook leaner meals.

The most important thing that Ryan will do for you, however, far more important than diet and exercise (and if you’ve struggled like I have, you’ll know exactly what I mean here); he’ll prove to you that it’s possible. He will get you to understand that you’re worth fighting​ for, that it IS possible to achieve your goals and that you need to believe in yourself. His incessant positive attitude is infectious.  Ryan is so focused on your success that you feel like you’re his only client; he makes you his priority.  When you start to feel motivated, he’ll motivate you further. Alternatively, when you start to feel like “this is never going to work” (which is the moment I believe most weight loss journeys fall apart) he’ll be right there to turn it around and remind you of how important this is. So far, I have lost over 35 pounds and am looking forward to continuing to train hard, see further results and feel great. Ryan will change your life. He changed my life and I am forever indebted to him, thank you Ryan!

“I started training with Ryan because I wasn’t happy with my weight and needed extra motivation to exercise, since going to the gym was not something I really enjoyed.

My goals were to lose weight and to look amazing for my upcoming wedding. Within a few months, I was down in pounds and I felt increased strength in my legs, core and upper body. I also increased my energy levels which gave me an extra kick at work. I learned the correct form for a ton of different exercise’s, had lots of fun during our workout sessions and although intense, were very educational.

I’m very happy with the results I’ve achieved thus far, and I’m still taking weekly sessions with Ryan going on 1 year! – Thanks Ryan!”

– Gabi Nolasco

“I was looking for a way to get into shape, be more agile, increase my energy in a fun positive environment.  I was a little intimidated by the title ‘Boot Camp” but really, there were no worries.   As a senior, Ryan modified the program for me but still kept me maximizing my experience.  I did more than I thought even possible while feeling totally safe during the process.  Every workout started with a warm up, then cardio and strengthening and at the end, the cool down stretches.  And his motivating encouragement and wise tidbits about food and exercise so totally exceeded my expectations.  I have huffed and puffed and now am feeling so much stronger and more energized for the week.   Thanks Ryan – you are the best!”


“I started personal training with Ryan not only for the motivation but to focus on areas that I would like to see change.  And to begin specifically designed workout plans to reach that “end goal” is what I needed.

My goals were to lean out (specifically in the lower body) and tone the mid section.  Also, Ryan provides great insight on what to eat and when, which helps motivate me to eat/think healthier.

I definitely have more energy now than before and am starting to notice a change in my shape and I know more results are yet to come.

Ryan is fun to train with, and is continuously challenging me to push myself to new limits. (“Which is super important to me.”)  I trained with Ryan years back and had incredible results, which is why I decided to locate him and begin this fitness journey once again!”

“I started training mainly because I needed motivation to get myself working out more often. I also needed guidance in terms of what types of workouts I should be doing to get the results I wanted.

My goals were to tone my body and drop a couple of pounds. Training with Ryan is not only helping me reach my fitness goals I have wanted for a long time, but also teaching me how to live a healthier day to day life. Starting with tracking calories, telling me which foods I should be eating and which foods I should be avoiding, and working different muscles on different days to ensure that our workouts are efficient and effective. I received great results after training with Ryan. I lost weight and toned my body, but overall I felt like a stronger, healthier and happier person.”


“I am someone who has never enjoyed working out and has had a hard time committing to an exercise routine. When I randomly saw a sign advertising for “bootcamp” in a nearby park. I convinced myself I should give it a try, not really expecting to stick with it.  After one class, I was hooked! I can honestly say for the first time ever, I actually look forward to and enjoy working out.  Ryan’s calm and motivating demeanour encourages me to push myself further each week.  I appreciate the variety and intensity of each class, and leave genuinely feeling energized and challenged.  Three months later, weekly bootcamp with Ryan continues to be a positive experience.  As a result I’ve gained endurance, strength, energy and most importantly a new appreciation for fitness. I look forward to training with Ryan and enjoying the benefits of a healthy body and mind.  Thank you so much Ryan for enlightening me!”

Michelle Silver

“Ryan is a first class trainer and young man, who helped transformed my mid-life heath, and he could do the same thing for you.  I started training with Ryan 4 or 5 years ago, and I lost serious weight (over 25 pounds), gained strength and energy and he made it all simple, fun and safe. Ryan knows his stuff, and I learned how to do weights without injuring myself, he gave me expert instruction on circuit and cardiovascular training, and helped me change my dietary habits. And he made it all enjoyable because of his easy going manner and conversation style, understanding of how hard it can be to maintain fitness and weight in mid-age, and careful balance between encouragement and honesty. Ryan is a person with integrity as well as knowledge about health, the body and weight training, and his pricing is reasonable and fair.  I could not recommend him more highly.”

Neil McLaughlin, Professor, McMaster University

“I started training with Ryan nearly four years ago, with the goal to gain muscle and keep excess weight off. I knew I needed a trainer because I had no knowledge of how to weight train, and with a busy schedule I struggled to maintain any consistency in my routines.

In four years of weekly sessions with Ryan my body has changed significantly. I have gained muscle and definition, and the energy I get from training is incredible. I’ve learned enough from Ryan that I now workout between sessions with plans that he provides. Training with Ryan has been exactly what I needed to build a routine of exercise and healthier habits into my life.”


“I guess the hardest thing about staying toned and fit is interest – is the workout actually interesting?  I’ve worked with Ryan for a couple years, having fun with the workouts, and keeping the spiff state of fitness I want.   With any physical skill, linking the right physical sensation to good technique is essential to learning.  With Ryan, I’m making good connections between mental intention and physical expression.  Last, if you ever need a guide to good movies or TV shows, he’s the man.”

-Mark Ernsting

“I started personal training to get ready for my wedding day. From the very beginning Ryan was precise and calculated. He started tactically and slowly and then by the time we were 3 weeks away from my wedding day, I couldn’t believe the difference I was seeing in my body as well as the strength in my muscles. And my dress fit perfectly!

Originally my goals were to fit into my wedding dress, but afterwards, it was to continue to feel good about myself.  There were several goals that I achieved which included reducing inches off my body, strengthening my muscles, and improving my endurance.  Working with Ryan challenges myself with new strength techniques.  The training has also been very helpful in healing and strengthening old lingering injuries.

Ryan has become more than my trainer…he has become a friend.  Why haven’t you started training yet? You’re missing out… Ryan is your guy!

Good training everyone!”

-Amanda Grondin-Stocks